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What about Nipple Reconstruction?

Nipple reconstruction is most commonly done 3 to 6 months after breast reconstruction allowing time for the breast mound to heal and settle into its final shape and position. This allows the plastic surgeon to position the nipple in line with the nipple on the natural breast.

Various techniques to reconstruct a nipple and areola are used. One technique is to use tissue from the breast mound or opposite nipple to create the new nipple. The areola may be created by tattooing or by using a pigmented skin graft from the upper thigh area. Tattooing is the most commonly used method.

The reconstructed breast or nipple will not have the same sensation as a natural breast. Nipple/areola reconstruction is relatively minor surgery, with the main problems related to partial graft failure, loss of projection of the reconstructed nipple or mismatched colour.

Nipple Reconstruction Photographs

NOTE: * While the photos of the different nipple reconstruction procedures may upset some people, the intent is to inform women who are in the process of making a decision about whether to undergo breast reconstruction.

*If you feel that the photos will distress you, please do not scroll down.

This patient had an immediate right TRAM flap reconstruction, nipple reconstruction and areolar tatoo.

Nipple Reconstruction

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