Breast Reconstruction Program

Breast Reconstruction Program

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What do former patients say about Breast Reconstruction?

If you would like to submit your experience for the benefit of women considering Breast Reconstruction please email your story to the VCH Breast Reconstruction Program at UBCH -

"I am delighted to have a new breast."

"It was amazing to witness the healing capacity of my body after living with the cancer. Following the surgery I shifted from a focus of cancer to one of healing and recovery as I experienced my new breast becoming a healthy part of my body."

"I expected to have more pain and was totally surprised by the lack of pain and how quickly I recovered from the surgery."

"I am not sure I would have gone the TRAM route if I had realized what I was going to go through."

"I waited 3 years to have my breast reconstructed (TRAM). I was amazed at how much better I felt about my body and myself after the reconstruction. It made me feel like a complete person again. I felt more balanced and no longer had to be concerned about whether the prosthesis was in the right place. Despite my scars being more noticeable (I am a women of colour) I am very happy with the outcome of my breast."

"I did not realize how much it bothered me to be without a breast until I had breast reconstruction."

"When making the decision about whether to have breast reconstruction, it is essential to speak with women who have had breast reconstruction, and perhaps view their new breast to get a realistic idea of what the outcome will be with that type of surgery."
I was frustrated by the long time it took my wounds to heal and the daily dressing changes by homecare nurses."

"For me having breast reconstruction was the best way to go, without it I would have been in despair."

"Even though the surgery was pretty awful, it is so wonderful to have a cleavage again."

"I would advise women to think of this surgery as a process that takes at least a year and in that time you really have to work at getting back feeling like you did before the surgery." (TRAM)

"The breast is not what I thought it would be."

"The whole experience was positive from beginning to end. I am very content with my new breast, it has done wonders for me on a mental level."

"I have been at peace with myself since the breast reconstruction surgery."

"It feels like I have tape across my stomach which is tight and pulling."

"My goal was to have a good result with clothes on, that is what I have. I am very content."

"It felt like I was wearing a metal bra at first, but as time went on the tightness lessened."

"I advise women considering this surgery to take their time to become informed about all the options before making a choice."

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